John’s Grooming Tips

John’s Grooming Tips

The key to good looks into your old age is keeping skin hydrated. Lotions aren’t just for the ladies, guys, especially after your morning shave. Make sure you use an after shave balm after you’ve dried your face when you’re done shaving. I like lavender shave balm from the Art Of Shaving. We also sell a Hydrating Spray by Paul Mitchell at my shop. It’s excellent for the entire body after showering or being in the sun. Also try a blast of it in your face before you go to bed at night. These practices are as important as water is for inner hydration. A face like a prune is never attractive. Enjoy!


Between Haircuts

Hey guys, make sure to stay groomed in-between haircuts. Ladies don’t like furry ears and nose hair. Also, keep the beard craze from crossing line into being mistaken for homeless. Stop in to get these areas cleaned up and have your neck shaved too. Try to look like Brad Pitt not his brother, Arm Pitt! Thanks for Reading


Winter Grooming Tips

It’s that time year again where the windows are closed up and the heat is on, meaning your house is going to be very dry. This means it’s time to moisturize your hair and your skin to keep them from cracking, flaking, and itching over the winter. Use conditioner on your hair at least once after every other shampooing. A good tip is to not rinse it out too well. Bt leaving a trace in your hair it can continue to restore throughout your morning.  If you don’t have any conditioner, you can even use a little baby oil on your scalp to moisturize as well. Paul Mitchell makes a hair and body leave-in moisturizer that I recommend. They also make a spray-on body moisturizer called Awapuhi moisture mist. This is great stuff you can spray it everywhere and it’s particularly good for your face after you shave. Dry skin in the winter can be a real problem use these tips to take care of it!!!

Happy Holidays,


Summer Grooming Tips

Now that summer is finally here you need to protect your skin from the sun’s rays. This also means protecting your scalp which a lot of people forget will get sunburned. Ever come in from day in the Sun and shower and then dry off and begin to brush or comb your hair and it hurts? Bam, sunburn scalp!!! Ouch. When you apply sunscreen to your skin put it through your hair as if you were applying gel. After shampooing make sure you condition your hair too. Sun, wind and sand can damage your hair, big time!! A great body and hair after sun moisturizer is Awapuhi Moisture Mist. Spray everywhere after you towel dry from showering. Remember, most skin cancer comes from burning, so Protect Yourself!!!!! Enjoy


John’s Grooming Tip for April

If you want the closest shave possible, try shaving in the shower. Make sure you start with a sharp razor and do this after the rest of your showering regime is over to give your beard a chance to soften from the steam and hot water. Massage shave cream into your moist face then pat cream again on beard area. Wipe off cream in area you are about to shave. This will reveal any blemishes you don’t want to shave off. Continue this till all areas are shaven. Rinse and without lather do a wet shave in areas you might have missed. After drying off apply an after shave moisturizing balm.

Don’t shave in shower if you use an electric razor!!!!!!

Happy Shaving.